Marketing Is Your Friend

Brand advertisement is nothing new. In one of my past posts I lamented the homogenization of branding distilled into two colors: Teal and Orange.


Throughout the “aughts” (Madison Avenue has failed spectacularly in coming up with a better descriptor for the 2000 to 2009 decade), brand capitalization creators were bending light in an attempt to travel back in time and mainline 80’s and 90’s nostalgia into our veins and it worked. We were besieged by re-imaginings of days gone by and it looked as if even our future was going to get a brand new (old) slogan: What’s Past Is Prologue, Bruh. The end of days was upon us. We would never see anything ever original again.

And then we got a grip.

Rebooting, Re-Imagining, Reinventing, sequelizing, prequelizing. It’s not just the purview of Hollywood entertainment. The auto industry has been doing this for years and nobody seemed to mind. What’s old is new and all that. What seemed to be a harbinger of creative doom in the “aughts” has been hyper-realized in the 2000-teens and will continue to be refined. This is nothing new. Writers have been stealing from Shakespeare since the guy put ink to paper and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It’s not unlike beer. When the world was small and not interconnected like today beer was unique to its region. Then the industrial revolution happened and we ended up with piss yellow liquid that tasted not unlike hose water and pocket change. Yet humans do what they always do which is to remake what is old so that the new may live on. It’s business. It’s not always good and it’s not always bad. But it is necessary. Some do it well and some do it poorly, but they do it because it’s necessary. This gives me hope.

Creativity ebbs and flows. What once looked like a hellish landscape of product that was really nothing but gussied up versions of the originals has evolved into fantastic offerings like Stranger Things, Rogue One, Dogfish Head beer, Dodge Challengers and Legos! In the end however, it’s all about business. It’s what has made the world go round since time began. I’ll let Ned Beatty explain it more bluntly.


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